McDonald's yo-yos, line Coca-Cola models are very cross-collectable, meaning that they are sought-after by both yo-yo collectors and collectors of McDonald's mechandise. Generally yo-yos made with the branding are inexpensive and are produced for local or regional giveaways.

The first yo-y distributed by the company was as part of the first Happy Meal. This promotion was test marketed in March 1979, with the acftual promotion in June 1979. These yo-yos were generic in the sense that the yo-yos didn't correspond with the Happy Meal giveaway, rather they were last-minute replacements for the French Fry Flue that experienced production delays. This initial run is the most collectable yo-yo, with the promotion limited to a few cities in the United States.

At the turn or the century, 1999-2000, Yomega partnered with McDonald's and distributed a large number of Yomega X-Brain yo-yos at outlets throughout the US.



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