HyperWarp Wing
Manufacturer Yomega
Release date 2001
Shape Straight
Color Various
Weight 54.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57.36mm
Width: 30.55mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size E Yomega Small
Response system Starburst
The HyperWarp Wing by Yomega is a weighted butterfly-shape yo-yo, created as a variant of the Hyper Warp designed for string tricks.


The HyperWarp Wing was originally developed as a prototype prior to its release on the market. The prototype yo-yos made their way around to some of the professional players, and had gotten some very good feedback, but Yomega hadn't come out with a production model yet at the time. The HyperWarp Wing was ahead of its time, but when they finally released the production model two years later, other yo-yos on the market were catching up in technology. This prompted Yomega to encourage modding on the HyperWarp Wing.

In 2002, the HyperWarp Wing gained an upgrade in the form of the HyperWarp Heavy Wing, featuring aluminum weight rings in the rims for increased spin times.


  • The presence of Bandai's name on the side caps of the prototype yo-yos indicated that the HyperWarp Wing was originally slated to be released as part of the American Hyper Yo-Yo line, but when the HyperWarp Wing was released, it was not released as a Hyper Yo-Yo product outright.


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