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This official Yomega VHS video was published for the UK market in 1998 to coincide with the popular yo-yo craze that was underway at that time. The video was produced by - and principally features - Howie Bailey and Anton Mackman, both of whom were Yomega Pros at the time. Additionally, the video also features a number of other UK yo-yo experts, including Richie, Matt Hennem, The Void and then UK champion, James Appleby. Most of these players were (and still are) members of the UK's juggling community - something that's clearly reflected in the footage. The video uses a road trip as its central theme, ensuring that scenes are included from a variety of locations.

As you might expect from a video shot in 1998, the tricks being demonstrated are very different to those usually seen today. At that time, looping yo-yos dominated, with single yo-yo regens and (comparatively simple...) AA appearing to represent the height of people's ambitions. Despite this, however, the video still proves to be entertaining viewing.

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