Manufacturer YoYoJam
Release date 2001
Shape Butterfly
Color White (side caps come in red or blue)
Weight 71 grams
Dimensions N/A
Material Plastic with metal inset rings
Bearing size Size B YYJ Small
Response system N/A
The SpinMaster is a yo-yo released in the early 2000s by YoYoJam. It is a signature series yo-yo of Brent Dellinger.

Like certain other yo-yos in the line-up at the time, the SpinMaster is a composite-material yo-yo with a plastic body and metal weight rings. Similar to the B de B Freestyle, the metal rings are inset into the white polycarbonate body. Weighing in at 71 grams, the SpinMaster could spin long enough for the player to complete complex string tricks.


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