YoYoFargo was created to provide high quality yoyo strings to the general consumer at a reasonable price.

Strings are tested before put into production.

  1. Strings must be able to withstand oils, dirt, and substances that come into contact with it through standard use.
  2. Strings must be able to perform fairly in above conditions.
  3. Strings must be niched to at least one style of play, yet still be able to perform fairly in others.

For too long, we have been using the same two materials to produce strings. Technology has constantly improved in almost all other aspects of the yo-yo. However, there has been one part of the yo-yo setup that has been overlooked until recent times. String. String is what makes your yo-yo spin. String is the medium that your tricks are shown through. String is NOT just something to be overlooked, it is NOT something that should be left alone.

String makes your gyroscopic knob toy... a yo-yo.

This has always been in the back of my mind whenever I see a new "High Performance Aluminum yo-yo" hit the market. Sure it gets rave reviews, but some people don't like it. There are so many factors that go into the way it plays; One of them is string.

Matthew Thoemke, founder of YoYoFargo


June 2006

  • Not satisfied with the current strings on the market, YoYoFargo embarks on his mission to produce an "uber yo-yo string".
  • String produced out of cotton-wrapped polyester. 1x10
    • Named High-Tensions because of their nice tension-neutral zone.
  • String produced out of standard polyester. 1x12
    • Named Light & Fluffies due to their appearance.

July 2006

  • String produced out of nylon fiber
    • Named Flamingo String because of the flamingo-pink color.
  • String produced out of rayon fiber
    • Named Rayon-Slicks because of the smooth feel of the string.

August 2006

  • String produced out of Kevlar fiber
    • Remains unnamed. It is unclear if it will continue to be produced by a certain manufacturer.
  • String produced out of monofilament nylon. 1x10
    • Named Rigid Minis because of the rigidity of the string, and the fact that their spin-to-shrink ratio is so high that the first batch ended up being merely 3 feet.
  • YoYoFargo announces his research on a certain web-board.
    • Interest seems to be... meh... not so great. However, big names contact him, and he contacts big names.
  • A beta pack is sent to the good folks at Infinite Illusions.
    • YoYoFargo starts discussing a demo run of a certain yoyo string with Infinite Illusions.

September 2006

  • A demo run of Rayon Slicks (125 packs of two) released to Infinite Illusions.
    • An interest base is formed.
  • YoYoFargo realizes the flaw in his mission. There can be no "uber string". Strings must be niched.
  • String produced out of Bonded Nylon 1x10
    • String idea tossed when it becomes realized they leave a rash. String doesn't even get to beta testers.
  • String produced out of Bonded Polyester 1x12
    • String remains unnamed.
      • A certain material manufacturer drops almost half their product line.
  • Rigid Minis removed from a possible production line.
  • A beta pack is sent to Joe and AJ at YoYoRadio and a small review of his strings at the time are documented on an episode of YoYos Coast to Coast.

October - December 2006

  • YoYoFargo steps out of producing strings for a while
  • Material for Flamingo strings goes out of production.
    • New similar material is found, and the name changes to Bungee strings.
  • Focus is aimed towards optimizing his current lineup, and "lab work".

January 2007 - May 2007

  • Recipes for over 20 types of string have been produced and optimized.
  • YoYoFargo writes this wiki page

May 2007 - present

  • YoYoFargo steps out of string again for a while.
  • YoYoFargo starts focusing on performing (yoyoing) for The Smile Train Charity organization.
  • YoYoFargo publicly announces that a release is going to be soon. (announced in July 2008)

Beta Testers

If you've tried YoYoFargo strings, go ahead and add your name below. Leave a comment if you wish.

  • Randy Jansen
  • Rick Blaine
  • Sarah Jones
  • Shawn Fumo
  • Jake Bullock
  • Keith "Skip" Mitton
  • Austin Hagerman
  • Charles Manson
  • The bassist from Skit Row
  • Sting
  • Max Bemis

Tester Comments

Bungee string is quite possibly the most unique and inexplicable yoyo string to date. A bit thick but very bouncy (obviously), and enjoyable to throw. It has about 3 or so inches of expansion on any given throw. Not a string you would use in a contest, but definitely something to play with, and try and make new tricks off of.

If you would like to beta YoYoFargo Strings, go ahead and shoot me an email with the words "String Beta" in the subject line. [1]

Initially, only 2 strings are sent. If you write a review, more will come. More is always a good thing. ;)

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