Grind Mutant
Grind mutant
Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Release date March 2004
Shape Butterfly
Color Magenta
Weight 84 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 2 1/8"
Material Aluminum body with plastic lens caps
Bearing size Size A
Response system YoYoFactory Redline series Response Stickers
Silicone Pads

The Grind Mutant by YoYoFactory was a yo-yo birthed from a production mistake while manufacturing the Grind Monster. This yo-yo has a uniquely wide profile and is very heavy at 84 grams, which gives it an extreme playing experience.

A very limited model, only 24 of these yo-yos were ever manufactured. Twelve of these yo-yos were been sold to the public, while the rest were given out to family and friends, along with a few collectors and players.

In addition to the three response pad types seen in the previous yo-yos before it, the Grind Mutant also comes with silicone pads.

There was also the Grind Mutant 2, which is essentially a magenta-"mutated" variant of the G5. Similarly to the original, only 24 units were made.

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