Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Release date Summer 2007
Shape H-shape
Color Augilicious Orange
Gunmetal Grey
Weight 64.2 grams
Dimensions Width: 41.12mm
Diameter: 56.37mm
String Gap Width: 4.08mm
Material Aluminum with delrin hubstacks
Bearing size Size C
Response system Born Crucial Ghost Pads
Released by YoYoFactory in the Summer of 2007 as a successor to the fragile Grind Machine 2, the G5+ is a variant of the original G5, featuring a wider profile and Born Crucial Ghost Pad response. Don't forget the hubstacks. Also released was an even heavier variant called the G5++.

The G5+ is also notable for having been used by Augie Fash in his 2007 Worlds 5A freestyle. The yo-yo was launched by Fash in an aerial so high up in the air, that it got caught on the chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the Rosen Plaza's Grand Ballroom.


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