We started Yo-yo Wiki in September of last year, so it hasn't quite been a year yet but the results have been fantastic. We have over 500 articles that cover every aspect of yo-yoing culture. But we are far from being complete. We have grown from having one person writing and editing vigilantly (me) to a team of over one hundred and fifty registered users. The wiki had some low points over the year as well as we fought to battle attacks from spammers resulting in the requirement to register in order to edit.

The biggest accomplishment has been the work of Jaco and his unparalleled knowledge of yo-yo companies. I encourage you to check out his work by clicking this link and browsing the hundreds of yo-yo manufactures around the world.

The wiki still needs a lot of work on how to catalogue and describe individual tricks, that is probably the single greatest feat the wiki has to face. If you have any ideas of how we could set that up, then get involved with us because we need you.

We are making progress on cataloguing individual yo-yos. For a great example of what we are trying to do with those articles please see

We have established an 'infobox' template to make all the pages about yo-yos conform to a standard.

To that end you might notice a lot of visual features on YoyoWiki such as elegant mouse overs on the side bar. I have to thank my fellow administrator Wilfred for that, I literally could not have done that myself (at all).

In the next year of Yo-yo Wiki I would love to see contest organizers take full advantage of Yo-yo Wiki as a place to catalogue all aspects of the contests that we work so hard to put together. I get really frustrated when I want to find out about upcoming contests and all I find are dead websites of contests gone past (try google searching for MER and you'll see what I'm talking about). Yo-yo Wiki could be a great centralized place for people to find results for contests that have past and to find out about dates and locations for up-and-coming contests, but we have to get to that point first.

I would also like to see more involvement from the people in the community who know lots and lots of stuff that currently aren't involved in the wiki. All you have to do is write the article coughSteveBrownCough we have a whole bunch of people who are just dying to wikify any article that is written.

Yo-yo Wiki also remains ad-free and neutral. People who write wiki articles obviously have opinions but the wiki editors are good at taking the opinion and stating the facts from it.

Yo-yo Wiki is a tool written for you and written by you so please use it to its full extent. C-mon yo-yo world, show me what you have to offer!

--Josh Parker

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