Yo-Matic Black Mamba
Manufacturer Abbe Toys
Release date 1990s
Shape Convex/Standard
Color Various
Weight 63 grams
Dimensions Diameter: N/A
Width: N/A
Material Plastic
Bearing size 3-star: Plastic transaxle sleeve
5-star: Ball bearing
Response system Auto-return cam, complimented by...
Black Mamba: Starburst
PhatYo: Cookies
The Yo-Matic Black Mamba is Abbe Toys' most well-known yo-yo product, first released in the 1990s. It features either an acetal axle sleeve or a steel ball bearing. Along with that, it is a three-piece yo-yo, consisting of the body halves and the axle, making it easy to assemble and disassemble. Instead of a clutch like most other auto-return yo-yos at the time, the Black Mamba uses a centrifugal cam system that functions similarly. It is also shaped much like a Yomega Brain, making it ideal for looping. There are two different versions; the 3-star version features the acetal transaxle, while the 5-star version features the longer-spinning bearing.

The original Black Mamba line version of the yo-yo featured a starburst response system, and the PhatYo version released in the early 2000s featured the Cookie response pad system.

How the cam works

The centrifugal cam consists of three-armed deltas on each side of the yo-yo connected to the spacers. Each arm on the deltas has a small metal ball in it for added weight. When the yo-yo is thrown down, the deltas in each body half to move in an outward direction, allowing the yo-yo to spin freely. When it slows down, the deltas move inward, causing the spacers to pinch the string, and making the yo-yo return to the user's hand.


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