Yicheng Luo (also known as 白水, 罗义诚 or Takuto Luo) is the owner of 91yoyo Workshop, Team Imperial and the defunct Takuto.Design, the second manufacturer to produce high-end aluminum yo-yos in China. He has become popular in the Chinese yo-yo community when he filmed trick videos, written books about yo-yoing, performed live on TV shows. He started and, two leading online yo-yo communities in China. 

In early 2006, just after winning 2nd place at the AnY MiRoC Video Contest, he shot a series of instruction videos, which includes beginner and advanced level tricks hosted at yoyonation. After that, he got an invitation from a book publisher to write a book about basic yo-yo tricks.

He joined Auldey in 2008. In the same year, he entered the World Yo-Yo Contest and became the first Chinese contestant to bring the banner of China onto the international yo-yo stage, finishing in 4th place. He established that year with a few companions.

From 2010 to 2011, he competed at a few international contests, usual making it to the finals, except at the 2011 Worlds.

Yicheng Luo left in 2011, due to disputes with his co-workers. He had then established 

In June 2012, his contract with Auldey expired. 

In Summer 2014, he launched his patented design, the L5 Wave, on YoYoExpert.Com, his products successfully reaching players overseas.  

In April 5, 2015, Yicheng Luo started Team Imperial (中华龙之队).  

Yo-yos Designed


  • China Yo-yo Contest 2006 - 1A Division - 1st Place
  • Asian Pacific Yo-Yo Challenge 2006 - 1A Division - 8th Place
  • Asian Pacific Yo-Yo Challenge 2008 - 1A Division - 3rd Place
  • World Yo-yo Contest 2008 - 1A Division - 4th Place
  • International Yo-Yo Open 2009 - 1A Division - 3rd Place
  • World Yo-yo Contest 2009 - 1A Division - 18th Place
  • China National Yo-Yo Contest 2010 1A Division - 4th Place
  • World Yo-yo Contest 2010 - 1A Division - 16th Place
  • Asian Pacific Yo-Yo Championship 2011 - 1A Division - 11th Place

External Link

AP11 1A Finals 11th - Luo Yicheng (CN) - Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships 201103:21

AP11 1A Finals 11th - Luo Yicheng (CN) - Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships 2011

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