Manufacturer Werrd
Release date N/A
Shape Butterfly
Color Raw
Weight 66 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 52mm
Width: 40mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C Beefcaked
Response system First release: Ghost Pads
Later releases: Werrd 14x23mm Pads

The XXXXL (also known as the 4XL or "Quadruple Extra Large") is the second yo-yo produced by Werrd. It has the same dimensions as the TFL but it also has something new. On its sides, the yo-yo has Jimmy Hats, a type of large-bearing hubstack officially licensed by YoYoFactory, that allows the user to hold the yo-yo by its side while its spinning, change the plane of axis during play or even ripcord it into a spin. Just like the TFL, it also comes with a beefcaked ball bearing set-up to center the string during play (similar to something like a KonKave bearing), along with Ghost Pad (Werrd 14x23mm pads in the later release) response.


  • The name of the yo-yo refers to the number of C-bearings contained in the yo-yo. Between the beefcaked bearing setup and Jimmy Hat system, there are four bearings total.


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