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Two Fat Ladies 88
Manufacturer Werrd
Release date 2000s
Shape Butterfly
Color Raw
Weight 66 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 52.5mm
Width: 40mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C Beefcaked
Response system Recessed Ghost Pads
Named for the bingo phrase "N 88 - Two Fat Ladies", this smooth player from Australia is a great piece of machinery with adjustability. It is beefcaked (two bearings) and can be tuned to any player's personal preferences.

Uniquely, the Two Fat Ladies 88's dual C-bearing setup helps to center the string, similar to a KonKave bearing...but different. Beefcaking doesn't place all the strings on top of each other like a KK tends to do. It acts like a flat bearing by allowing the string to sit side by side during a trick. It makes it easier to select any string without causing an unexpected bind or snag.

This allows for a very unique and smooth play, especially when doing gerbil-like tricks. It also has very pointy "Matador" hubs on the sides for top-like tricks, as well as pullstarts.


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