The US Southwest Regional Contest is also known as the Bill Liebowitz Classic or BLC. The region consists of Southern California, Arizona and the southern tip of Nevada. The contest is named in honor of the late Bill Liebowitz, founder of Golden Apple Comics and supporter of the yo-yo scene in Southern California.

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Current Champions (2012)

  • 1A: Anthony Rojas
  • 2A: Yoshi Mikamoto
  • 3A: Patrick Borgerding
  • 4A: Michael Nakamura
  • 5A: Tyler Severance

Past Champions


  • 1A: Kota Watanabe
  • 2A: Grant Johnson
  • 3A: Alex Hattori
  • 4A: Michael Nakamura
  • 5A: Miguel Correa


  • 1A: David Ung
  • 2A: Patrick Mitchell
  • 3A: Patrick Borgerding
  • 4A: Anthony Rojas 
  • 5A: Tyler Severance


  • 1A: Anthony Rojas
  • 2A: Grant Johnson
  • 3A: Paul Yath
  • 4A: Yoshi Mikamoto
  • 5A: Tyler Severance


  • 1A: Augie Fash
  • X: Bryan Figueroa


  • 1A: Augie Fash
  • X: Tsubasa Onishi


  • 1A: 
  • X:

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