The South Central Regional Yo-Yo Contest ( Also known as SCR) is held in Dallas, Texas in conjunction with the Super Show Expo at the Dallas Convention Center. Currently Bobby Stewart a member of the Buzz-On contest team is running the SCR. In 2008 it was held on August 16th. They had full three minute freestyles with no preliminaries. The contestant who participated paid a entry fee of 10 for the contest.

The South Central Regional is an Official qualifying event for the National Yo-Yo League to advance to the American National Yo-Yo Contest. This contest is also sanctioned by the American Yo-Yo Association.

The 2013 South Central Regional YoYo Contest will be held on July 20, 2013 in the Turnhalle Ballroom, Tivoli Student Union, Metro State College Auraria Campus in Denver, CO.

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