The Northeast Regional Yo-Yo Competition (today known as the Z-Games) is held annually in Massachusetts. It is run by Jack Finn at the A2Z Science and Learning Store, in Northampton, Mass. The contest is also held in Northampton, Mass at the JFK Middle School.

New to the contest in 2008 are the Intermediate Trick Ladder (Pick-our-own-trick) division, and Artistic Performance division. There are a Beginner division, Junior 1A division, and 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A divisions.


The first Northeast Regional Yo-Yo Competition was held on June 22 1991 in St. Albans, Vermont. The contest was held on a Saturday at St. Pauls's Methodist Church at 10:00 am EST. Yo-yo demonstrations by Jen Baybrook 'Yo-Yo Princess", Stuart Crump 'Professor Yo-yo" editor of 'Yo-Yo Times',"Fast Eddy" McDonald of Yomega Yo-yos and Bob Brown of Boston, Mass. The 'Yo-Yo King' Phil Morin of Bellingham, Mass demonstrated the art of yo-yo carving. Don Duncan of Playmaxx was on hand, the editor of the 'Noble Disk' newsletter Bill Allton attended. Rich Falls of Pine City, NY showed off his yo-yo collection.

Rules and trick list

The Competition was divided into three categories: beginners, advanced and championship divisions. No Transaxle yo-yos permitted, only standard fixed axle yo-yos. The competition was patterned after the years California State Championship.

All tricks done on the first try get 10 points, if not a second attempt will earn 5 points. No third try points awarded, All tricks in the divisions were performed one at a time by each contestant in a succession to the next trick. The same yo-yo is to be used though the contest and all Judges decisions are final. Professor Yo-Yo was the head judge with others such as old duncan demonstrators and Rob Baybrook.

Beginner Division:

  1. gravity pull
  2. spinner
  3. forward pass
  4. breakaway
  5. walk the dog
  6. rock the baby
  7. around the world

Advanced Division:

  1. spinner
  2. walk the dog
  3. creeper
  4. around the corner
  5. skin the cat
  6. rock the baby
  7. sleeping beauty
  8. three leaf clover
  9. loop the loop x5
  10. man on the trapeze

tie breaker: loop the loop

Championship Division:

  1. around the world
  2. three leaf clover
  3. creeper
  4. rock the baby
  5. man on the trapeze (2 somersaults)
  6. reach for the moon
  7. double or nothing
  8. hop the fence x5
  9. brain twister (2 somersaults- any mount)
  10. loop the loop x10
  11. triple or nothing
  12. splitting the atom
  13. two handed loop the loop x5
  14. two handed milking the cow x5
  15. two handed riding the horse x5

tie breaker: judges selection of two handed tricks:

  1. criss cross
  2. punch the bag
  3. inside/ouside loops
  4. reach for the moon and loop combination
  5. double reach for the moon

Steven Sandler of Philadelphia, PA took top honors in the championships division. winning. -winners: championship:

  1. Steven Sandler
  2. Taro Yamishita


  1. Taro Yamishita

The second North East Regional Championship, was held in Richford, Vermont on June 6 1992. The winners:


  1. Jen Baybrook
  2. Jack Howley
  3. Taro Yamishita


  1. Jackie Baybrook
  2. Shirley Mullen


  1. Stuart Crump
  2. Jack Howley
  3. Taro Yamishita & Lew Newmeyer


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  • Yo-Yo Times vol 4,No 3 1991
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  • Yo-YO TIMES vol 4,No 3 1991
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