The Trick Ladder or sport ladder, is a set list of tricks performed in order of steadily increasing difficulty. Trick ladders are aimed at less experienced yo-yoers and competitions usually do not allow people to compete in both the trick ladder and the main event to stop experienced yo-yoers dominating. At the World Yo-Yo Contest and USA national contest there are 2 lists, one handed and two handed to accommodate for players of different styles.

An innovative variation of the Trick Ladder, is being used at the Northeast Regionals Contest/Z-Games]. Instead of the list having 25 tricks, it is cut down to 20 tricks. Each participant chooses 10 tricks of his choice and he has one try at each trick. Each trick has a set amount of points, which you will be awarded if you are successfully able to complete the trick in one try. The tricks are set with an amount of points from the easiest having only 1 point, with the hardest having 10 points.

Example of Trick Ladders

This is the Trick Ladder from the American Nationals -1S(1A Sport) in 2007

1S - String Trick Sport Tricklists

  1. - Sleeper (5 seconds)
  2. - Sideways World Tour (Sideways around the world)
  3. - Eiffel Tower
  4. - Rock the Baby (5 full rocks)
  5. - Elevator (Up and down the string)
  6. - Brain Twister (1 Somersault)
  7. - Trapeze
  8. - Split the Atom(3 somersaults)
  9. - Double or Nothing
  10. - Mach 5 (5 full rotations)
  11. - Cold Fusion
  12. - Pop 'n' Fresh (2 reps)
  13. - Gerbil
  14. - Plastic Whip
  15. - Eli Hop (3 rep)
  16. - Boingy Boing (5 rep)
  17. - Gyroscopic Flop (Half flop)
  18. - Kwijibo
  19. - Hidemasa Hook
  20. - Suicide Catch (2 reps)
  21. - Iron Whip (2 reps)
  22. - Kamikaze
  23. - Spirit Bomb
  24. - Throwhand Grind
  25. - Black Hop

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