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Markmont ED

Toxic Strings Signature String

Founded 2011
Company Overview We are proud to get our product out into the hands of many who love the art of yoyoing.
Description I was always looking for the perfect string but never found it and thought I would try making my own. By trial and error the right combination of string came together and Toxic Strings was created.
General Information Our string is 100% Poly - handmade and long lasting. Great for whips, slacks and anyone who enjoys throwing.
Mission To provide a product that evolves the yoyo industry.
Products Yoyo string available in 10 and 50 packs. Colors: Radiation Orange, Toxic Yellow, Atomic Wonder LE, Sonic Bellow and Lethal Pink.

Discontinued Colors: Grapelicious and Nuclear Lemonade

Created a signature string for Mark Montgomery

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