Recreational Device 2 (RD-2)
Manufacturer Tom Kuhn
Release date 2004/2005
Shape Imperial
Color Various
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 2.25"
Material Wood with metal axle hubs and removable metal weight rings
Bearing size Size I Tom Kuhn
Response system Tom Kuhn Turbo Discs
The Recreational Device 2 (RD-2 for short) is second yo-yo in the RD series and the Imperial-shaped counterpart to the RD-1. Its design is borrowed directly on the very limited TK60. Tom Kuhn initially produced these in natural wood, and later in laminated wood, multi-layer laminated rainbow, as well as ebonized and cherry rosewood models. Before releasing the rainbow laminated models, six prototypes were also released to Hijinks Toys.


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