The Flying Camel by Tom Kuhn is another laser-carved variation of the classic No Jive 3-in-1 modular design, not unlike the Mandala. The Flying Camel is one of the few with the carvings on the flat sides, so that they are visible when the yo-yo is in the Butterfly configuration. Dr. Kuhn himself came up with the name while backpacking in 1978, when he saw a cloud which reminded him of a flying camel.

Most have the words "Tom Kuhn Laser Carved" on them, but a few early examples had "Tom Kuhn 3-in-1 Wonder Yo-Yo". There was also the Flying Camel C, where the "C" stood for classic shape, which they come in. This model is rarer than the standard Flying Camel. Released in 2013 is the "Reverse Flying Camel", which featured inverted laser carvings and was limited to only 150 pieces.


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