Tim Redmond, Padre Siesta, Somnus, is the holder of the world sleeper record for a fixed-axle yo-yo. He also previously held the record for a transaxle sleeper, and is the only player to have simultaneously held both sleeping records.

Tim started his professional career in 1999 by touring under Playmaxx in their 'Build-a-Skill' program. In late 2000, he started performing without any affiliations/sponsorships and has made countless professional appearances since then. Tim has since retired for competitions and full-time performances/touring, but still occasionally plays a part in the community by acting as a contest organiser, judge, or emcee.

Tim also ran The Mod Squad, an on-line yo-yo modification shop with creations from Takeshi, CalicoJoe and others. The Mod Squad officially closed up shop in October 2009. The site was maintained for a short time, but was eventually taken down, as the combination of better overall yo-yo technologies and the production shift towards metal made most modifications unnecessary and obsolete.



  • 13 December 2009, World fixed-axle sleeper record (Open), 3min 51.54sec with YoYoJam DJ


  • 24 March 2007, World fixed-axle sleeper record (Open), 3min 23.11sec with YoYoJam DJ


  • 26 February 2006, World fixed-axle sleeper record (Open), 2min 53.61sec with YoYoJam DJ


  • 28 May 2005, World fixed-axle sleeper record (Open), 1min 16.63sec with DobléCalypso
  • 23 April 2005, World fixed-axle sleeper record (Open), 1min 11.19sec with Doblé Calypso
  • 28 March 2005, World transaxle sleeper record (Open), 16min 17.18sec with YoYoJam Mega SpinFaktor

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