The Luchador is an all-aluminum yo-yo released in early 2007 by Throw Down. It integrates a very angular body shape with many popular features of high-end yo-yo's of the time. The Luchador features a blasted, anodized two-tone finish (blue and gray) with laser engravings. It uses flush-mounted Dif Pad response and a large KonKave bearing, both of which from Dif-e-Yo.

This represents the first yo-yo produced by Throw Down, which had previously produced the popular Throw Down Weight Rings for the Duncan Freehand Zero.

Throw Down Wooden Luchador

In mid-2008, James Buffington of Throw Down's product development team manufactured and released a wooden version of the Luchador. It is hand-turned out of rosewood into that familiar shape, and was packaged in the same burlap drawstring bag as the original, also coming with a specifications card wrapped around the circumference.

Initially, the Wooden Luchador had a fixed wooden axle, as in any classic wooden yo-yo. The later version came with a ball bearing axle and a simple twist-adjustable string gap.



  • A luchador refers to an athlete who participates in the Mexican wrestling style of Lucha Libre, which means "free fighting" in Spanish.

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