Manufacturer Throw Down
Release date 2007
Shape Step Straight
Color Blue/Gray
Weight 64.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56.03mm
Width: 40.66mm
String Gap Width: 4mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system Recessed Dif Pads
The Luchador is an all-aluminum yo-yo released in early 2007 by Throw Down. It integrates a very angular body shape with many popular features of high-end yo-yo's of the time. The Luchador features a blasted, anodized two-tone finish (blue and gray) with laser engravings. It uses flush-mounted Dif Pad response and a large KonKave bearing, both of which from Dif-e-Yo.

This represents the first yo-yo produced by Throw Down, which had previously produced the popular Throw Down Weight Rings for the Duncan Freehand Zero.

Throw Down Wooden Luchador

Wooden Luchador
Manufacturer Throw Down
Release date 2008
Shape Step Straight
Color Natural
Weight 54 grams
Dimensions N/A
Material Wood
Bearing size Original: Fixed wooden axle
Later: Size C
Response system N/A
In mid-2008, James Buffington of Throw Down's product development team manufactured and released a wooden version of the Luchador. It is hand-turned out of rosewood into that familiar shape, and was packaged in the same burlap drawstring bag as the original, also coming with a specifications card wrapped around the circumference.

Initially, the Wooden Luchador had a fixed wooden axle, as in any classic wooden yo-yo. The later version came with a ball bearing axle and a simple twist-adjustable string gap.



  • A luchador refers to an athlete who participates in the Mexican wrestling style of Lucha Libre, which means "free fighting" in Spanish.

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