This page describes, how I (HB) made the YoYoGrams for many of our trick pages. Please feel free to use or refine this method.

The Models

My first generation of hands can be seen in the Trapeze page. This was basically two semicircles made of cardboard with three pegs glued on top. The arrangement of the fingers in a triangle proved a bit complicated when laying out more complex figures, so I made a second version.


The first version can be seen in front, the newer one in the back. The second version has black cardboard shields to hide the coins I use as weight.


This picture shows the yo-yo as well as the front style and side style versions of the right hand (the left hand is always the same). The String used is a Slick6 reduced to half its length. The yo-yo is also approximately the half diameter of a real one.

Arrows are just colored cut pieces of paper.


In this picture you can see the professional grade, high-end equipment :-D used to photograph the diagrams. Note my assistant Benno (aged 2) giving you a tour of the set. The clothes stand serves to hold the camera parallel to and at a constant distance from the models. The camera used was a 2 megapixel compact, not the Minox shown in the picture.


Camera setup is as follows:

  • no flash
  • white balance: tungsten
  • self timer: 10 seconds (to stop the camera and its mount from shaking)
  • exposure reduced by two f stops, because the time automatic in the camera overexposes due to the black background. Apart from that my camera has no exposure control.
  • zoom to 35mm equivalent
  • native resolution of 1600x1200 (this gets scaled to 800x600 and cropped later on. This way, the elements of the diagram do not change size from diagram to diagram.

The background is provided by a black pullover or t-shirt. Lighting comes from two simple lamps (see top right). Unfortunately the black discs i made to hide thze coins under the hands are quite visible in the diagrams. Have to work on that.

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