Cherry Bomb
Manufacturer Team Losi
Release date Late 1990s
Shape Butterfly
Color Red
Green (A-Line)
Blue (A-Line)
Pearl (A-Line)
Black (rare)
Tru-Chrome Silver (Silver Series)
Weight 45.7 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57.74mm
Width: 32.28mm
String Gap Width: 2mm (Adjustable)
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size E ABEC-3
Wooden axle sleeve
Response system Starburst
The Cherry Bomb was a yo-yo produced by Team Losi during the 1990s yo-yo boom. It is the Butterfly-shaped counterpart to the Da Bomb/Grim Sleeper. One of Steve Brown's original designs prior to the advent of the legendary Freehand, the red-colored Cherry Bomb features a teflon-sealed ABEC-3 bearing for long spinning, a twist-adjustable string gap, and starburst response. It also comes included with a set of removable weight rings for adjusting the weight for the user's personal preferences, allowing for a degree of customization like on Team Losi's R/C cars.

However, it is rather infamous for the longevity of the starbursts, which wear out too quickly from extensive usage due to the softness of ABS plastic used in the yo-yo's construction. But nowadays, this wouldn't be too much of a problem, considering the types of response pad options available on the market. 

Asides from the original version, the Cherry Bomb was also released in A-Line colors, which also include a wooden axle sleeve, along with a Tru-Chrome version in the Silver Series. Among the regular red models are rare, short-packed black Cherry Bombs.


  • Steve Brown had used a prototype Silver Series Cherry Bomb to win the 1999 Bay Area Classic. He had also used the yo-yo for his very first 5A freestyle.
  • As a matter of fact, the Cherry Bomb was the very yo-yo with which the 5A style was created.


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