Not to be confused for the YoYoJam Hurricane.

Manufacturer Takuto.Design
Release date 2006
Shape Butterfly
Color Black
Weight 60 grams
Dimensions Width: 45mm
Diameter: 55mm
Material Aluminium
Bearing size Size D
Response system Silicone O-rings

A well-known and very limited yo-yo, the Hurricane by Takuto.Design was Yicheng Luo's first ever yo-yo design. This yo-yo has a wider and lighter body compared to other 1A yo-yos of its time for faster play. The amount of control is very high, due to the low weight and the user's fingers won't get tired easily - even if you keep playing for a long amount of time. Its light weight reduces the balance of the yo-yo, so that the width of 45mm is chosen, because it can expand the weight and cover this disadvantage. Its profile is very sharp, and very little surface area will come into contact with the string. This might cause discomfort when the player is holding it because the "yo'ing finger" (middle finger) will be placed in the concave between the body halves. On the other hand, the wide Butterfly shape means the yo-yo hardly eats up string, and allows for extremely long sleep times when the player is performing horizontal tricks, thanks to the high camber body design. The hubs of this yo-yo are pointed, so that players could hold the hubs with two fingers and perform Matador-style tricks.

Cap lips were available for this yo-yo; players can customize caps of their own and place them on the yo-yo. Large rubber O-rings can also be used for additional weight, but the thumb grind function will be lost.

However, the first and only run of this yo-yo had a small machining mistake that caused the bearings of certain units to become unstable, which could cause vibrations or wobbling. The production date, Get-Yo website address, and the artistic Chinese character "風" (meaning wind) are engraved on the yo-yo, as well as the serial number.

Approximately 90 pieces were made. Tragically, some of the yo-yos were irreparably damaged during transport, due to production issues. Only 50 surviving pieces were available for sale, all of them sold in mainland China and occasionally through EBay for a low price.

In 2015, Yicheng Luo himself developed and released a redesigned and modernized version of the Hurricane, the L1 Hurricane Retro.


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