Kickin' Tricks is a trick video produced by Arne Dixon of SuperYo and directed by Mark McKnight. Most of the video was shot on location at the 1999 American Nationals and the 1999 World Yo-Yo Contest. It was released in VHS format in 1999 and currently it is offered through The NED Show as a Computer CD Disc( Not DVD).

This video showcases many great players such as Doctor Popular, David Capurro, Gary Longoria, Chuck Short, Jennifer Baybrook, Matt Harlow, Nevin Deschi, Steve Brown, Chris Neff, Rick Wyatt, Takahiko Hasegawa, Pat Cuartero, Farrah Siegel, Kenneth Cairns, Cliff Coleman, Dennis McBride, Bill de Boisblanc, Dave Schulte, and John Higby. You can see very young versions of a non-3A Daisuke Shimada and Ben McPhee on this vid.

There are several different sections on the video: Original Tricks, Cool Stuff, Two-handed Dazzlers, and More Original. While text boxes materialize to introduce players and provide trick names, this is not an instructional video, but more an entertainment spectacular. Production values were quite high, with a great soundtrack, explosive video effects, player interviews, and expert editing creating a very stimulating half-hour show. Old newsclip footage is interspersed and overdubbed for comic effect. Highlights? Steve Brown's really tall mohawk is a must-see....

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