SuperYo, founded in 1994 by former Duncan yo-yo demonstrator Arne Dixon, is a yo-yo manufacturer based in Lynnwood, Washington, USA. The manufacturer is unique is that it not only produces yo-yos, but owns all parts of the manufacturing process, including all of the machinery. Formerly produced exclusively in the United States, SuperYo has recently begun outsourcing portions of its production to factories in China.

In 1999, SuperYo produced Kickin' Tricks, a cutting edge yo-yo video produced by Dixon and directed by Mark McKnight. Most of the video was shot on location at the 1999 American Nationals and the 1999 World Yo-Yo Contest. This video showcases many players such as Doctor Popular, Jennifer Baybrook, David Capurro, Steve Brown, Rick Wyatt, Pat Cuartero, Dennis McBride, Bill de Boisblanc, John Higby and many others.

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