Stu Branoff, who is also known as Stupendous lives in Santa Cruz, California where he is the founder of the Santa Cruz Yo-Yo Club. Branoff is an member of the Spintastics Diabolo team, and a member of the Board of Directors for the AYYA. Branoff is also a long time member of the Spin Doctors Yo-Yo Club and very active in the yo-yo community. Currently Branoff works on BAC and CA State yo-yo contest as the MC and a coordinator. He has also helped judge, DJ, and MC many other yo-yo events and contests.

Branoff is a moderator for YoYo Nation, as well as being an active participant on most English boards. Branoff is also the host of the YoYo GameShow, on YoYo Radio. Branoff has been yo-yoing since he was a kid, but as a competitor his favorite yo-yo styles are 5A and 2A. Branoff is also very active in the area of Diablo’s, and is currently on the Spintastics Diabolo Team. Branoff has also developed a Diabolo Sports Ladder, which he has run at U.S. Nationals and other major contest through.

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