The Spin Wizard is an auto-return yo-yo produced by Abbe Toys from Australia and was distributed by Spintastics in North America. An Americanized version of the Yo-Matic Black Mamba (particularly, the five-star variant), it featured a steel ball bearing axle, and heavy rim weighting. This makes the yo-yo a very long sleeper before the three-way centrifugal cam system activates, making the yo-yo return to the user's hand when it begins to lose momentum.

One flaw in the design is that the side caps are not sonic welded or glued. This is not truly a problem, unless the yo-yo hits the ground at an angle. If it does hit the ground in that way, the caps can pop off. You will not really lose pieces, but you will have to disassemble the yo-yo and to snap it all back together. Needless to say, this is a difficult and bothersome task for the beginning yo-yo player.


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