Manufacturer Spintastics
Release date 2000
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 56.7mm
Material Plastic with laminated paper pogs
Bearing size Wooden axle sleeve
Response system Starburst
The Manta-Ray (also known as the Manta for short) is a fixed axle string trick yo-yo produced by Spintastics, featuring durable plastic body halves, starburst response, and a wooden axle sleeve like that of the Technic. The halves can be screwed apart to change the wooden axle sleeve, replace the string or to remove tangles. The user can also buy a Ball-Bearing Upgrade Kit from Dave Shulte's online store to convert a Manta-Ray into a TigerShark. The fact that the axle nuts and the threaded rod are all made of steel makes this a very sturdy construction which can be unscrewed many, many times without wearing out. Because of the removable paper pogs, these are very customizable for players (especially Dazzling Dave himself) and advertising.


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