Spingear is an online retailer based in Japan. Run by Takahiko "Taka" Hasegawa, it caries a wide variety of yo-yos and related skill toys, including a number of products not found elsewhere. Examples of this includes the AnY QuickSilver, which was only on sale from Spingear and the Duncan Freehand Mg, initially offered only from Duncan's online store and Spingear.

Spingear has a very close working relationship with Infinite Illusions that includes the sharing of limited edition items between the stores. This includes a number of Infinite Illusions branded items appearing at Spingear and items such as Taka's gold bearings appearing exclusively outside Japan at Infinite Illusions.

The store does ship to locations outside of Japan and accepts orders from English-speaking customers via e-mail. Its service and quality is highly regarded inside and outside of Japan.


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