Sebastian Brock (aka Sebby or SeaBass) is on the Duncan Crew USA, and formerly was a member of both CLYW and SPYY. He is from Fredericksburg, VA, but currently resides in Orlando, FL, where he is employed at the Duncan Toys booth in Disney World. His favorite styles of play are 1A, 4A, and 5A. On CLYW, his signature yo-yo was the Bassalope. He is currently working with Duncan to produce his new signature yo-yo, the Bassacuda.  

In 2008 he placed third in the World Yoyo Contest. 2011 brought a 2nd place finish at Worlds.  

In 2010, he was the U.S. National Champion. 

At the World Yo-Yo Contest in 2012 and 2013, Sebastian organized the "Alternative Freestyles" division, which gave the stage to competitors who did not make it to finals. 

Sebby was a subject in the documentary World on a String, a film by Dawn Schwartz. 

Contest Prestiige:

2010 U.S. National Champ, and a Silver and Bronze medal in '08 and '09.
Silver Medalist: '11 World Yo-Yo Contest.
Bronze Medalist: '08 World Yo-Yo Contest.
EYYC International Division Champ (2010).
4X VA State Champ ('06, '07, '08, '11).
4X MAR Champ ('07, '08, '10, '11).
2X TN State Champ ('08, '09).
PA State Champ ('06).

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