The End open half size

Internal views of the Yes, Absolutely The End, showing the Schmoove Rings.

Schmoove Rings are rings cut into the face of the yo-yo. They are placed outside of the area of the response system. The Yes, Absolutely The End, the YoYoFactory Hectic, the Plug-in 3, and Mary 2009 edition are the only known production yo-yos with Schmoove Rings. Some modders have done Schmoove Ring jobs on other yo-yos, such as the Duncan Freehand Zero. Schmoove Rings decrease the friction of the string against the side of the yo-yo increasing spin time, and allowing the yo-yo to perform more consistently. The rings also create a little 'cushion' of air that helps open up the loop of string on suicide tricks. Schmoove Rings themselves come in varying widths and depths upon the yo-yo, all serving the same purpose.

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