Rim weight is an important factor to performance because it increases resistance to loss of momentum which helps to prevent slowing down. It also increases the moment of inertia which helps to resist unintentional precession(flopping over).

Examples of Rim Weighting

  • YoYoJam holds a patent on the production of plastic bodied yo-yos with metal rims. This is to maximize the rim weight in many of their yo-yos.
    Some of their yo-yos to use this design principle are the Spin Faktor, Hitman, Speeder and Dark Magic.
  • HSpin has produced a line of yo-yos called 'Good and Evil' which are wholly comprised of metal, but with a heavier metal ring for the rims.
  • A more recent innovation in rim weighting is the H-Shaped yo-yo design, whereby a solid material is concentrated at the rims of the yo-yo such that the profile resembles an H, rather than the V shape of a traditional butterfly yo-yo. Prominent H-Shaped yo-yos include the HSpin Envy and the YoYoFactory G5.

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