Reverse Slack Trapeze
Reverse Slack Trapeze
Type of Trick Slack
Invented by unknown

A relatively simple slack whip - the reverse direction of Slack Trapeze and a good way to start learning the basics of slack play.


Step 1: Start with a Trapeze. Pinch with your free hand.


Step 2: With your throw hand quickly throw the string down...


Step 3: ...slinging a loop of string under your free hand wrist...


Step 4: ...around the wrist, so that the strand coming from your pinch is caught in the gap.


Step 5: As soon as it catches...


Step 6: ...pull the string tight.


Step 7: Swing the yo-yo like the Windmill Dismount from a Double or Nothing. You will end up with the yo-yo in position for a Sidestyle BackBind, making this a cool trick to end a combo.

There's a good video of this:

Video: 1A Slack Basics
Comment Gerard Amento shows how this is done.

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