Rafael Matsunaga A.K.A. "RED" is the president and founder of the Brazilian Yo-yo Association. As a former member of Duncan Crew Brazil, he was the first player outside the United States and Japan to win the modern (post-1992) World Yo-Yo Contest. He is best known for his 5A play as well as professional photography. In 2012, Duncan released a signature series yo-yo of his own design, the Barracuda.

In 2005, Rafael received the National Yo-Yo Master award for Brazil.

Signature Yo-yos



  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 1A Division - 26th Place


  • Brazil National Yo-Yo Contest - X Division - 1st Place
  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 5A Division - 1st Place
  • Yomega World Yo-Yo Contest - X Division - 2nd Place


  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 5A Division - 2nd Place


  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 5A Division - 4th Place


  • World Yo-Yo contest - CD - 4th Place


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