ProYo Cold Fusion Nucleus
Manufacturer Playmaxx
Release date Early 2000s
Shape Slimline Butterfly
Color N/A
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 57mm
Width: N/A
String Gap Width: Adjustable
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size A
Response system Brake Pad Technology (BPT)
The Cold Fusion Nucleus was the successor to the orginal Cold Fusion line of yo-yos by Playmaxx/ProYo. As with the Isotope-1 and Isotope-2 yo-yos, the Nucleus featured a slimline Butterfly body profile. In addition, they added O-rings behind the spacers, allowing the user to adjust the string gap by twisting the body halves. This setup can also be seen in Duncan yo-yos such as the Freehand 2 and the first release model of the FHZ.

Less than 50 of these yo-yos were made before Playmaxx was acquired by Duncan Toys. Also released is a red-and-blue special edition, the Crow'd Fusion Nucleus, named in honor of Matt "Scarecrow" Carter.


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