Ace II
Manufacturer Playmaxx
Release date 2000-2001
Shape Butterfly
Color The body halves come in
and Red
Nickel-Plated (limited production)
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 1.75"
Width: 1.17"
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size A
Response system Brake Pad Technology (BPT)
The ProYo Ace II by Playmaxx/ProYo is a miniature aluminum yo-yo and the successor to the Ace. There are some differences between this yo-yo and the original Ace; the Ace II uses a different axle system, along with a new recessed bearing seat and Brake Pads of the standard thickness as used in the Turbo Bumble Bee series. However, there is one thing the two share in common; they both came in different two-color combinations. Also produced were twenty limited edition nickel-plated Ace II's.


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