Pop N Fresh (also known as pop'n'fresh) is a trick where the yo-yo is bounced between a mach 5 mount and a split bottom mount. Seeing instructions with pictures or a video is recommended to understand this trick. An unresponsive yo-yo is highly recommended for this trick to be successful.


  1. Throw a split bottom mount.
  2. Pop the yo-yo up into the air.
  3. Whilst the yo-yo is in the air, your hands change places, with the non-yo hand passing over the yo hand.
  4. The yo-yo should land in a mach 5 mount
  5. Pop the yo-yo up again.
  6. Again, whilst it is in the air, your hands change places, this time doing the reverse of step 3.
  7. You should now land in a split bottom mount again. You can now dismount or repeat the trick.

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