One Drop

One Drop is a North American yo-yo manufacturer based in Eugene, Oregon. One Drop started machining metal yo-yos in 2007 with their first yo-yo, the Project.

In 2013, they released their first plastic bodied yo-yo, the Rally.

Yo-yos Produced



  • Mark Montgomery
  • Igor Korzhev
  • Paul Dang
  • Vilmos Zoltan Kiss
  • Alex Love
  • Luis Eduardo Celis
  • Graeme Steller
  • Justin Cronin
  • Clifton B
  • Andrew Daugherty
  • Ryosuke Kawamura
  • Valeriy Reutov
  • Jordan Hacherl
  • JT Nickel
  • Jonathon Best
  • Tsukasa Takatsu
  • Daiju Okamura
  • Will Prater

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