The Noble Disk was a yo-yo newsletter published by Bill Alton starting in 1990. It's purpose was to organize yo-yoers in the New England area of the US (through a reader list and eventually the New England Yolympics contest), as well as publish games, tips, and trivia. However, it did not print actual tricks.

It ran until 1998? and was available in electronic form first on some BBS systems, and then through its website.

Though the site is now offline, a snapshot of it was taken by the Wayback Machine. Thanks to that, some of the first and last issues are availible for viewing here.

Hello all, If you were a Noble Disk fan, you will know me as Mr. Bay. Bill was my best friend for well over 30 years. I am very sorry to post his passing on August 13, 2012. He will be greatly missed by many. If you are looking for any of Bills Yo-Yo books or copies of Noble Disk. Bill left me a lot of original copies as well as his original files for reproduction. Please eMail

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