Nick Pelham aka WasKnownAsYoNick is a groundbreaking innovator of hubstack play. He is currently sponsored by MadHouse and is a member of their team, The MadHouse Syndicate. Nick is known for his unique 5A tricks, and for promoting companies through his videos and web board hype. Nick also was the creator of Nick's Balls which is a Delrin ball used as a counter weight.

Nick has been very instrumental in the many background activates in the yo-yo community, most notably helping his friend Tanner Manning with NFS String by developing multiple logos and ideas. Nick also helped Death By Yo-Yo(DBYY) develop a small bearing EKG, however this only got to the prototype stage due to DBYY's collapse. Nick also came up with the name for the Black Death by Zammy as well as creating the "RUN DMC" logo. Most recently Nick has been working with Rick Kroytz to develop new ideas and products for MadHouse.

Significant Videos

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