Nichy Chow is a yo-yoer, judge, and the only female yo-yo player on M-Yo Crew. she is also a member of the Spinworkx All Girls Team (AGT). She is involved in the yo-yoing scene in Malaysia and Asia including the Auldey yo-yo campaign and Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Championships. She also has travelled the world including Japan, the USA and Singapore to take part in yo-yo events.



  • 1st Runner Up for Malaysia BP Proyo Challenge (Team Division)
  • 1st Runner up for Singapore BP Proyo Challenge (1 Minute freestyle)


  • Hitz.TV test Tube Guest
  • Yo-yo Commercial Guest Appearance


  • Astro AEC Channel 19 "That's Me" Game Show
  • Singapore Yo-yo Championship 2006 Shadow Judge
  • Merdeka Day Contest 2006 Official Judge


  • UK Nationals 2008 Official Judge

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