Mitchell's Trains, Toys & Hobbies was a store in Wilmington, Delaware which closed in 2008. Mitchells was a major hub of the East coast yo-yo community, raising the talents of The Severance Brothers, Jonathan Robinson, Justin Weber, Sage, and many more. 

The store was managed by Joe Mitchell who hosts YoYoRadio every Monday night. It was also the home of the Mitchell's Yo-Yo Club. After the closure of the store Joe Mitchell opened his store YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun where Mitchell's Yo-Yo Club met until its closure.

Contact Information

Former Mailing Address

Mitchell's Trains, Toys and Hobbies
2303 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware

Former Contacts

  • Phone: (302) 652-3258
  • Fax: (302) 888-1859
  • Email: [1]

External Link

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