Mike Hout is a top thrower and unicyclist from Miamisburg, Ohio. He comes from a background in track and field and juggling before his most recent interest in top spinning. It was this combination that helped him set two Guinness records in the 110 meter hurdles while juggling three objects. He is also known for running while juggling three bowling balls which he has done over 100 meters and over eight hurdles (in front of his church).

He dabbles in a number of other things including riding his six foot unicycle in local parades and has 20 years in the Kettering Holiday at Home parade. Hout has found that top spinning seems to fit his sixty+ year old body better now. Since 2000 he has hosted the Whirled Top Festival on the last Saturday in August with lots of top battles and other fun challenges for spinners of all ages.


  • 2007 World Top Championship - 5th
  • 2008 World Top Championship - 2nd
  • 2009 World Top Championship - 3rd in fixed tip division and 2nd in bearing division (on stilts)
  • 2010 World Top Championship - 3rd in fixed tip division and 3rd in bearing division
  • 2011 World Top Championship - 1st in fixed tip division and DQ in bearing division
  • 2012 World Top Championship - 4th (on a rolla bolla)
  • 2013 World Top Championship - 7th (on a unicycle)

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