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How To Do Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks How To Do The Mcbride Roller Coaster Yo-Yo Trick03:00

How To Do Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks How To Do The Mcbride Roller Coaster Yo-Yo Trick

McBride's Coaster
was a trick originally invented and named after Dennis McBride. This trick is very easy to learn and after some practice you should be able to do it with no problems.

2003 World Yo-Yo Contest version

  1. Start with 2 sidestyle around the worlds also known as a world tour by throwing a breakaway and doing an around the world from it and to go around again.
  2. Go into a 1.5 mount then you want to dismount from this and go into a trapeze and his brother mount.
  3. From here dismount again and go into a double or nothing, perform a windmill dismount to trapeze.
  4. After landing in a trapeze take your index finger on your throw hand and insert it into the loop and open the loop up in to a triangle. then throw/flip the yo-yo over both fingers twice as if doing triple nothing without droping the loop landing in a mount similar triple or nothing.
  5. After this dismount using a ferris wheel and bind return or normal return depending if your yoyo is unresponsive or not


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