Matt Harlow began yo-yoing in late 1990's; soon after starting, he visited the ProYo World Contest. Progressing extremely quickly, Harlow began winning contests within the next year, and soon became a well-known member of the yo-yo community. As one of the fastest 2A yo-yo players ever, Matt's searing, flashy style racked up multiple contest wins over the next few years. Sometimes at contests, Harlow would perform his compulsory tricks so blindingly fast that the bewildered judges would have to ask him if he performed the correct number of repetitions.

Before switching to Team YoYoFactory, Harlow was a part of Team Spintastics, under which he designed his signature yo-yo, the Spintega, which was later modified and renamed as the Riot. Due to a small gap and sharp starburst response, these yo-yos were known for eating through string mercilessly. Harlow's impeccable and precise style however, made his trajectories so perfect that his strings were rarely affected.

Yo-yo Models

Spintastics Spintega



  • International 2A - 1st Place
  • US Nationals 2A - 3rd Place


  • World Yo-yo Contest 2A - 6th Place
  • US Nationals 2A - 3rd Place


  • Bay Area Classic 2A - 1st Place
  • World Yo-yo Contest 2A - 1st Place
  • US Nationals 2A - 2nd Place


  • World Yo-yo Contest 2A - 4th Place
  • US Nationals 2A - 1st Place


  • US Nationals 2A - 1st Place

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