Mark Montgomery (aka MarkMont) is an American 1A player known for his smooth, dense tech tricks, and continuously evolving hairstyles. He has created tricks with slave yo-yos, whereby implementing a stringless yo-yo onto a spinning yo-yo's string. He is also known for an AP routine in which he raps about yo-yoing and also beatboxes in sync with the yo-yo tricks.

Mark has been yo-yoing since the late 1990's and is a graphic designer and animator. He studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and used to work at Adult Swim. He is currently sponsored by One Drop, and was formerly a member of Team Buzz-On, Team Yomega, and the Duncan Crew.  

He has had several signature yo-yos produced by OneDrop. The MarkMont Project, MarkMont Next, and most recently, the MarkMont Classic.  



  • World Yo-Yo Contest AP - 1st Place


  • World Yo-Yo Contest 1A - 5th Place


  • World Yo-Yo Contest 1A - 4th Place


  • Bay Area Classic 1A - 4th Place


  • Bay Area Classic 1A - 2nd Place
  • World Yo-Yo Contest 1a - 7th Place

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