The competition is now over, the judges will now decide a winner. Thanks for all your entries.

The winner


Rosgana's winning entry

As you can see on the sidebar to the left, Rosgana's entry won. Each of the judges had a shortlist and we unanimously decided on this one. Thanks again to everyone who entered and we hope you find the yo-yo wiki useful.

The contest

We are delighted to announce a competition for the yoyowiki! The yo-yo wiki needs a new logo and there will be a prize for the best one (kindly donated by Josh). The logo must be 135 pixels high and 135 pixels wide and feature the text 'Yo-Yo Wiki' on it. Please host your logo on a free image host (such as or and post the link under entries. You may enter as many times as you like.

What you need to enter

To enter you need to register with an email address, verify the email address under 'my preferences' and set your preferences to allow other members to contact you so if you win we can contact you.


Wilfred, HB and Schalicto are acting as the judges. The judges can be swayed, so if you like one of the entries a lot (one that you didn't submit) let us know on the talk page.


Currently the one winner will get a shirt from and a $20 gift certificate from the online yo-yo store of your choice.


The deadline to submit entries is April 30 2006.

Entries (in no particular order)

  1. elephantattack 1st -
  2. elephantattack 2nd -
  3. elephantattack 3rd -
  4. elephantattack 4th -
  5. elephantattack 5th -
  6. elephantattack 6th -
  7. elephantattack 7th -
  8. elephantattack 8th -
    • Feel Free to combine any aspects of the above graphics to make a wicked hybrid
  9. ElijahIN -
  10. IceCreamMan -
  11. lanceallen 1st -
  12. lanceallen 2nd -
    • The color can be changed and the string and yo-yo can be moved around into basically any position. I thought about making his yo-hand look like the freehand postion. I could even add a yo-yo in his other hand.
  13. lanceallen 3rd -
  14. TAB -
  15. jerenb 1st - entry
  16. jerenb 2nd - entry
  17. jerenb 3rd - entry
  18. Rosgana 1st -
  19. Rosgana 2nd -
  20. Rosgana 3rd -
  21. Rosgana 4th -
    • You can changes the colour that you like... for this graphic I choose yellow because that mean "knowlege".
  22. Rosgana 5th -
  23. Rosgana 6th -
    • hmmm I am too much send the graphic... I think this is more than enough :)
  24. GbH's entry -
  25. LiquidFox -
  26. PoopiePants 1st -
  27. PoopiePants 2nd -
  28. SteveDave -
  29. Jubei 1st -
  30. Jubei 2nd -
  31. Jubei 3rd -
  32. Jubei 4th -

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