Jamaican Flag
Trick also known as Confederate Flag
Type of Trick Picture
Invented by Classic


The Jamaican Flag yo-yo trick is a fun but easy trick. Also known as the "Confederate Flag". Basically you just make a rectangle shape with the string and a "X" in the middle.


The Jamaican Flag starts off with a hard sleeper. Take your non-yo-yohand and pick up the hanging string. Now the string should be hanging down from your non-yo-yohand. Then take your yo-yohand and pull the string that is hanging down. Now you should have a triangle formed between your two hands. Take you non-yo-yohand again, and pick up the string, this time crossing over the string in the middle, forming a "X". Now grab the string with your yo-yohand and let it hang down beneath it, forming the flagpole. There you should have it, the Jamaican Flag.

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