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Jack Ringca, also known on the boards as "modsrule," specializes in counterweight play and was the 2005 U.S. National 5A Champion. He was the first player to post a perfect score in the preliminaries (compulsory ladder) of a competition for 5A, using a Duncan Flying Panda.

Jack was a member of Duncan Crew World-Wide, the Infinite Illusions contest team and the DXL Crew. Since winning the 2005 U.S. Nationals with a Freehand Zero, his face has appeared on the packaging of the Throw Monkey yo-yo.

Together with Josh Root, Jack was a member of the Diss Kings, a website selling yo-yo merchandise and offering a powdercoating service.

Jack is also a drummer on the Guys With Swords (famous for producing the song "Throw Duncan" used for TV commercials as well as freestyles). He has also performed with Peelander-Z.

The "Ringca Rules"

Jack is also notable for invoking two de-facto "Ringca Rules" regarding freestyle etiquette. These rules are:

  1. No fire.
  2. Players who deliberately throw their yo-yo into the crowd will be disqualified.

Rule 1 was established in response to an AP routine in the early years of the World Yo-Yo Contest at the Rosen Plaza hotel. Ringca performed a stunt involving a flaming drum kit without prior consideration from the judges. Though the fire remained under control without incident, the rule was established as a safety precaution. Any player wouldn't want to burn themselves or worse when performing at Worlds!

Rule 2 was established in 2006 after Ringca's performance in the 5A finals at Worlds. When he got a knot and needed to change out his yo-yo, he elected to throw the knotted yo-yo into the audience, like a rock star throwing memorabilia. By the end of the routine, most of his backup yo-yos ended up in the hands of audience members. While changing out a yo-yo would traditionally count as a regular point deduction, the judges decided that throwing a yo-yo off of the stage could be a potential safety hazard to the audience, and the rule was established in response.

Contest Results


  • World Yo-Yo Contest - AP Division - No information


  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 5A Division - 7th place
  • World Yo-Yo Contest - AP Division - No information
  • National Yo-Yo Contest - 1A Division - 16th place
  • National Yo-Yo Contest - 5A Division - 3rd place


  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 5A Division - 10th place
  • National Yo-Yo Contest - 5A Division - 1st place


  • Bay Area Classic - 1A Division - 15th Place
  • Bay Area Classic - Y Division - 10th Place

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